There are three separate dates that have been designated as some sort of celebration of Rosé.  The fourth Friday of June is #InternationalRoséDay and was started in 2018 by Valerie Rousselle, owner of Chateaux Roubine and Sainte Beatrice. The day was created to celebrate Provence style Rosé.  Also, in June, the second Saturday has been deemed #RoséDay and if that is not enough, August 14th is also known as #NationalRoséDay.  There is a lot of love out there for Rosé, but there is also plenty of myths.

On my latest segment for KSEE24, the NBC affiliate in Fresno, I was able to defunct some of the myths and introduce the viewers to some incredible samples of Rosé.  I brought a rainbow of pink to taste, including wines from Bordeaux, Langueodoc and La Rioja.

Wines we tasted:

2020 Château Bonnet Rosé
2021 Fleurs de Prairie
2020 Beronia Rosé


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