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I love the internet! I was tasked with finding Irish wine for the March television segment. I wasn’t sure there was such a thing, but luckily I found out about Wicklow Way Winery. Located just 45 minutes south of Dublin, you can visit the winery for a tasting and tour. Brett Stephensen, co-founder and winemaker puts over 2 pounds of fruit in every wine.  He jests, “No grapes were harmed in the production of this wine.”

Brett along with his wife, Pamela Walsh and daughter, Celina Stephensen make Moineir wine, made from strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Today, there are only three wineries in all of Ireland, but Brett is the only one providing tastings and tours.  

Made in the same fashion of grape fermentation, Brett painstakingly presses off the juice of the fruit for over twelve hours. The juice goes through fermentation just as grapes and then Brett uses oak chips to provide the desired palate. 

His wines can be found in the first Michelin star restaurant in Dublin, as well as having been served to Prince Charles and Camilla.  These wines are truly something you need to try when you visit Ireland. You can book your appointment and find out more about them on their website

Wines tasted:

Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry Irish Wine


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