hot out of the oven nachos

October is #MerlotMe month. Merlot comes in a variety of expressions and can pair with a wide range of meals, from fancy and elegant to cozy and comforting.



1/2 pound ground turkey cooked with a 1/2 package of taco seasoning

1 bag of your favorite chips

1 bell pepper diced

3 plum tomatoes diced

1 onion diced

1 4oz can diced jalapenos

1 8oz bag of shredded Mexican cheese


1- preheat oven to 500 degrees F

2- on a large pan, place a layer of chips

nacho chips

3- sprinkle with pepper, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, turkey and cheese

4- place in oven until cheese is melted

5- remove from oven and repeat steps 2-5

6- continue with as many layers as you like

7- serve immediately with any toppings you enjoy such as salsa, sour cream or guacamole

hot out of the oven nachos

We chose a sample of Selby Merlot to pair with these amazing nachos.


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