Did you know that October is Merlot Month? Yep, an entire month dedicated to the variety and it all wraps up with Merlot Day on November 7th. The first mention of Merlot came in 1784 in Bordeaux. The officials referred to the grape as “little blackbird” or “young blackbird.” It is thought that the name  came about due to either the dark skin of the grape or that blackbirds have a propensity for eating grapes off the vine.

As part of the #MerlotMe promotion this year, I had the privilege of interviewing four winemakers to discuss how Merlot is grown in their vineyards and the nuances that each region provides to the grape. We talked soil, clones, climate and geological influences. (plus, we drank some incredible Merlot) Please check out my podcast for these interviews.

Nick Goldschmidt – Goldschmidt Vineyards
Steve McIntyre – McIntyre Vineyards
Josh Harp – Jada Vineyard
Michael Scholz – St. Supery

Additionally, I shared two wines, J. Lohr and Markham Vineyards on my latest television segment. I hope you enjoy the segment and some incredible bottles of Merlot,

Wines Tasted:

2020 J. Lohr

2019 Markham Vineyards

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