This past December, we celebrated the 7th anniversary of Cab Franc Day. The day was started to promote the inaugural release of Dracaena Wines’ Cabernet Franc. I went to social media that December 4th and just starting talking about how special Cabernet Franc is as a single varietal grape. And to my surprise,  A LOT of people agreed and began sharing their images of their favorite Cab Franc bottles.

I decided to hold a Twitter chat that first year, and once again to my surprise, it trended second. The only thing that beat out Cab Franc that day was the cookie, as December 4th is also National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. It was then, that I decided to make it an annual occurrence.

As the trends changed, I realized that it was time to move the celebration to a different format. This year, I sat down with winemakers for a one on one Instagram Live.  All of these interviews can be found on my YouTube channel. Additionally, I had the opportunity to sit down with several winemakers for a roundtable, where we discussed all things Cab Franc. I “sold” tickets on eventbrite for free, and we had over 70 tickets purchased. If you missed the event, I am extremely honored to share it with you today. If you prefer to listen to the audio only, the podcast is also an option. You can listen here, or head to your favorite podcast catcher and search for Exploring the Wie Glass. While you are listening be sure to subscribe so all new episodes are delivered to your phone as soon as they drop. I would greatly appreciate it if you could rate and review the podcast, so that it is suggested to other wine lovers.


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