Yep, I have ventured into another world of social media. Actually, I have combined a few worlds into one! I must be some sort of super hero!  A few months ago, I decided I would start a podcast. I Googled and YouTubed my way into the world and figured out how to start, record and share my new podcast. Amazingly, I am getting quite a few people who are listening. So thank you if you are listening! I haven’t figured out yet how to actually find out who is listening, but I hope to figure that out as I go along! 

As a true Sagittarius, I am not happy if I am stagnant, so I am always looking for something else to do. I am not happy unless I can complain that there isn’t enough hours in a day for all I have to do – even though 90% of the things I am doing I have put on myself! 

Up to this point, my podcast has been reading my blog posts and talking my way through them. It really isn’t me just reading the post, it is me taking the concept and going off on tangents that I though about while writing the post, but didn’t write in the blog itself. One of the things that I have been so honored to hear from people who read my blog, is that they say “You can really see your personality through your writing.” Well, if you think you can hear my personality in my writing, then you should listen to my podcast, because it is all me just talking with …. well, myself!

After 14 podcasts of me talking to myself, I decided I wanted to take my podcast to a different level. I thought about it and came up with the idea of interviews.  I mean, it has to be more interesting listening to a two way conversation than to just me. So I thought about it and I concluded that I could combine my Pursue Your Passion theme in my blog posts with my podcast. But, alas, that still wasn’t enough. I had to find a way to get the conversation recorded. So back to google and YouTube. What I found was YouTube Live and Audacity.

This was just what I was looking for. Not only can I have a podcast, but I can add content to our YouTube page.  After some (way too many hours I want to admit to) time exploring, I thought I had finally figured it out. Next, I had to reach out and ask someone if they would be my first victim guest. I pondered and pondered, and the solution came to me. I reached out to the people I knew were comfortable on YouTube. Sheena and Sara, The 2 Kennedy Sisters. Luckily, they agreed. We arranged for a work meeting and what we I thought would be about 10 minutes took us about 45, but we figured out all the technical aspects of YouTube Live and we scheduled our interview.

I decided that I would name my podcast series, “Dracaena Wines on Wine.” I’m not sure I’m keeping that, it is more of a working title. I am open to suggestions!!! I will continue to podcast my blog posts under the original title, but when it comes to interviews, I really want them to have a different name. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy. 

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Would you prefer to watch the livestream? Well, here you go! Click here to subscribe to Dracaena Wines’ YouTube page. 



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