Couvent des Jacobins wine in decanter

It has been a while since I shared some of the exciting wines in my glass, so I thought it was time. These wines excited me enough to make me stop and take a moment to really think about the wine itself. 

Trivento White Malbec Reserve 2022

Yes, you read that right; a white Malbec.  I was in the liquor store looking to pick up a couple of bottles and this wine caught my eye. I must admit that I was a bit shocked on two counts. First, to see a white Malbec, but secondly to find this wine in the shop I was in. It was an extremely small shop and had a very limited wine selection. 

Upon opening, the wine was much too cold. It lacked aromas and much depth. However, as the wine warmed up, the green apple began to come out and it was an intriguing wine. At only 10.5% ABV the wine with its crisp high acidity is an easy sipper. In fact, the bottle emptied rather quickly. 

Trivento means “three winds.”  The Sudestada, Zonda, and Polar winds cross Mendoza and they laid tribute to these winds using it as their name.  They are relatively new to the wine industry, being founded in 1996.  Since then, they have become the most diversely distributed Argentine wine brand in the world. SRP: $11.99

bottle of Trivento White Malbec

Field Recordings Rosé Pet Nat 2022

When I heard that this was a Cabernet Franc led sparkling, I had to grab a bottle. The wine is a blend of 86% Cabernet Franc and 14% Chardonnay. The fruit is processed by allowing it to sit on the skins for six hours and then pressed to stainless steel. Native yeast is used to ferment partially prior to bottling. 

Field Recordings is located in Paso Robles and is the brain child of Andrew Jones. He boasts, “Our wines are all about the flavor –  with none of the pretension. He began his career working in a vine nursery and designing and planting vineyards across California. He began purchasing some of the fruit he planted. Today, Field Recordings offers small lot single-vineyard wines, along with blends under the Wonderwall and Fiction labels. 

In the glass, the wine emitted rosemary and mint. On the palate, it was full of watermelon. This is a fun wine! 12.3% ABV  SRP: $25. 

Field Recordings Pet Nat Rosé

Couvent des Jacobins Grand Cru Clase 2012 

St. Emilion has won my heart a few years ago when I had the honor of visiting after winning the Millesima Blog Awards.  St Emilion may be the oldest active wine-producing appellation in Bordeaux. Research shows that it dates back to Roman times. 

Established in 1389, Couvent des Jacobins was a created by the Dominican Order, Jacobin Brothers. When the French Revolution reached Saint Émilion nearly 400 years later, thee Jacobins Brothers were forced to leave. As time past, so did the owners of the couvent. Finally in 1902, Jean Jean purchased the property and it has remained in their hands ever since. 

We opened this wine to celebrate my birthday back in November and it was a wonderful bottle. The ratings online are not impressive, but I truly loved the wine. The wine has started to enter the tertiary phase, but it still had its red fruit, spices and acid. If you have it in your cellar, I wouldn’t hold onto it much longer. Savor it now. SRP: $44

Couvent des Jacobins wine in decanter

Dubost Grenache Blanc 2020

The Dubost family originated in Cherbourg France after the Franco-Prussian War back in 1871. At the time, they were blacksmiths who wanted to leave the violence of the time. They immigrated to Hawaii  then to moved to South Dakota (there’s a change) and ultimately settled on California’s Central Coast. 

Today, they vineyards are located in the Adelaida district. The 320 acres are home to vineyards, tastin groom and a sustainable production facility. 

Grenache Blanc originated in Spain. It tends to have higher alcohol and intense flavors of pear, honeysuckle and citrus. Although often found in blends with other varieties, a pure Grenache Blanc is beauty in the glass. Similar to Pinot Gris, Grenache Blanc is thought to be a mutation of [red] Grenache. (received as trade)

Dubost Grenache Blanc

I would love to hear what wines you have enjoyed recently. I am always on the lookout for something new to try. 


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