Yes, I do accept wine and wine related products for review. All reviews will be completed under the blog’s social media channels; Exploring the Wine Glass.

Please contact me at or by clicking here to discuss the wines or products you would like to send me, or if you have a podcast topic you would like to discuss, and I will follow-up with my shipping address.

If you read my posts, you will notice that I do not focus on tasting notes. I believe that everyone’s palate is different and no one has the right to tell another what they should be tasting. Typically, I write posts based on the wineries behind the wine. I enjoy telling the story of the people who make the wine. I think my readers enjoy learning that aspect of the wine industry.

I will promote your wine or wine related product on my Twitter and Instagram accounts upon receiving the wines and as I sample them, so I will need your social media handles. I will not write a negative post; that does not help anyone. If I view your wine as potentially faulted, I will contact you and we can discuss how you would like to proceed.

I ask that you provide tech sheets on all wines submitted and allow me, on average, one month to write the post. Here’s a bit about myself and my social media presence: